Almost 16 weeks, according to my OB and my pregnancy mobile app. 4 months pregnant, 1 month unemployed. That’s the present statistics.


I already spent almost two weeks browsing the internet for jobs that may suit me and even emailed a few to inquire about their posts and vacancies–none had replied yet. I was also hoping for and waiting on the “job slot” my former manager promised me before the separation from our previous company; however, my slot was marked as “declined” without me even knowing (someone just recently informed me). Oh well, maybe they find their friends more convenient than a casual workmate (this is just a hunch, ok?).


Then again, I’m totally back to zero. The initial plans I made have to be tossed away and I’ll have to come up and proceed with alternate plans. I’m a registered nurse, really, but I’m just not into Nursing right now. I want to work on a flexible schedule, i.e., to work at my own pace and in my own time, with my laptop alone. 🙂


Bossy and lazy, eh? Come on, I’m only pregnant for several months. Can’t I enjoy and laze around like any normal and happy preggo?


I just sleep, eat, watch movies, eat, nap,  browse for jobs, sometimes go out on dates with my partner, eat, walk for a while, shop, eat, and so on. Gosh, how my life makes me so hungry right now! And my savings are running low, very low. (*Sighs and eats a bowl of fruit salad.)