While I’m just lazing all day here in the house, my boyfriend is sleeping at his house. When he wakes up he will eat, do his chores, and go back to sleep again until it’s time to get ready for work tonight. He’s preoccupied, and I’m not.

He tries his best to involve me in helping out with his training, but I still feel useless as a lazy bum. I try to keep myself busy by doing simple chores and entertaining myself with a movie marathon, but I still feel lonely and somewhat abandoned like a broken doll.

Sometimes when I imagine him enjoying with his new crowd, I feel envious and out of place. We spent more than 2 years working in the same company and at the same schedule, so I’m not used to seeing him go and work somewhere I’ve never been and with people I’ve never met. Thinking of how bored and lonely I am without him really makes me cry. 😦

Most of my days are filled with my dogs’ presence. They’re also lazy and fat, so they just sit and lie beside me. I play with them only for a while–running around the house with them is so tiring now, I couldn’t move much with my swelling belly. Now even my dogs find me more boring than ever. 😦

Maybe it’s just the hormones. Studies say that the hormonal changes in a preggo’s body can cause emotional changes. I used to be tough and stubborn, but right now I’m just a lonely crybaby looking for some tender attention.