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I’ve always imagined that my first baby would be a boy. My partner also wants a baby boy. Hmmm… I wonder if such a mutual desire could actually influence my conception. Would our wishes ever prevail over nature?

Such curiosity made me prowl the internet for quizzes and predictors that could assure me and my partner about our baby’s gender. The process was fun and exciting, and the results made me curious all the more. I couldn’t wait until our 4D ultrasound next month!

I don’t want to stick with the baby boy concept, though. My baby could also probably be a girl. That’s what most of my friends predict! Because they say that when a mother has this “glow,” the baby is more likely a girl. And when a mother doesn’t look so good during her pregnancy, the baby is more likely a boy. However, when I search the internet for those “old wives’ tales,” I always get to read the opposite.

According to the many sources I read, when a mother is glowing and blooming like a “magical pregnancy unicorn,” the baby is more probably a boy. When a mother, on the other hand, loses her glow during pregnancy, the baby is more likely a girl because she’s stealing the mother’s beauty for her to grow beautiful too.

There are also lots of other weird stuffs that couples all over the world are trying just to figure out what their baby’s gender would be.  I read some of those stuffs here.

I also saved screenshots of the results of the quizzes I took:

Boy or girl, I know my baby’s going to be perfect no matter the gender! Of that I am very sure! 🙂


Almost 16 weeks, according to my OB and my pregnancy mobile app. 4 months pregnant, 1 month unemployed. That’s the present statistics.


I already spent almost two weeks browsing the internet for jobs that may suit me and even emailed a few to inquire about their posts and vacancies–none had replied yet. I was also hoping for and waiting on the “job slot” my former manager promised me before the separation from our previous company; however, my slot was marked as “declined” without me even knowing (someone just recently informed me). Oh well, maybe they find their friends more convenient than a casual workmate (this is just a hunch, ok?).


Then again, I’m totally back to zero. The initial plans I made have to be tossed away and I’ll have to come up and proceed with alternate plans. I’m a registered nurse, really, but I’m just not into Nursing right now. I want to work on a flexible schedule, i.e., to work at my own pace and in my own time, with my laptop alone. 🙂


Bossy and lazy, eh? Come on, I’m only pregnant for several months. Can’t I enjoy and laze around like any normal and happy preggo?


I just sleep, eat, watch movies, eat, nap,  browse for jobs, sometimes go out on dates with my partner, eat, walk for a while, shop, eat, and so on. Gosh, how my life makes me so hungry right now! And my savings are running low, very low. (*Sighs and eats a bowl of fruit salad.)